Moving house can be stressful, so we’ve complied some helpful advice for you to help everything go smoothly! Don’t forget, if you’re struggling with your packing, we can help with that!

Identify restrictions & obstructions

Identify to our representative all the possible access restrictions and obstruction at your old and new properties.

Provide a map

Provide a map showing your new address. Supply a rough floor plan of your new property marked with room names corresponding with the packing box names.

Lights, gas & electricity

Before moving day have all your light fittings taken down and have all gas and electrical appliances disconnected. Removal crews are not certified to carry out these tasks.

Fridges & Freezers

Fridges and freezers should be empty, defrosted and dry ready for transit

Label Objects

Clearly label objects that are to be left behind

Special items

Point out to our removal staff any items requiring special attention

Check your new address details

When you sign the acceptance of estimate check your new address and telephone numbers are correct.

Emergency contact details

Supply us with an emergency contact number before and during the removal day.

Final check

Before our crew leave, please make a final check that nothing has been left behind. Also please check that nothing that should be left has been loaded in error.

Banned from removal & storage

  • All foods
  • Anything flammable, combustible or caustic.
  • No petrol, oil, cleaning fluids, paint thinners and portable gas tanks.
  • If in doubt ask us or the management of your self storage unit.

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