Unveiling Our Digital Transformation: The Launch of R&D Schofield LTD’s Revitalized Website

Welcome to the vibrant digital home of R&D Schofield LTD – your trusted removals and storage companion! We extend our warmest gratitude for your visit. Whether you’re an Essex or Suffolk local, familiar with our name, or perhaps someone from afar merely exploring, we believe you’ll discover valuable and engaging insights on our site.

In the months ahead, we’ll peel back the curtain on the intriguing world of removals and storage, sprinkling our insights with valuable advice to simplify your life. Stay tuned for expert guidance on house packing and managing pets on moving day. With fresh blog posts every few weeks and constant updates with the latest information and images, there’s always something new to learn from our site.

Now, allow us to formally introduce ourselves. We are R&D Schofield LTD, a proud removals and storage business, and for nearly a century, we’ve served the community from our Colchester base. From humble beginnings, with just a horse, cart and an egg delivery task, we’ve evolved into an operation boasting more than 10 vehicles and worldwide service. While we’re a small family firm at heart, we thrive on taking on ambitious challenges. Art galleries, stately homes, museums, libraries, and even Colchester Castle – you name it, we’ve moved it!

The last few years have been a thrilling journey of growth for Schofields. Since shifting to our current headquarters at Foxash Estate in Lawford in 2011, we launched our self-storage facility. In two short years, we added 40 more secure units, raising our total to over 80 rooms. Coupled with a rapidly expanding fleet and growing containerised storage facility, it’s clear we’re not slowing down. The latest step in our dynamic evolution? The revamped website you’re browsing right now. After months of dedicated work on our rebranding and website development, we’re proud to present a platform as energetic and forward-thinking as our team.

Your thoughts and feedback are vital to our continuous improvement. As a business built on client collaboration, we encourage you to reach out with questions, feedback, or suggestions for our blog topics. Let’s shape the future of removals and storage together!

Banned from removal & storage

  • All foods
  • Anything flammable, combustible or caustic.
  • No petrol, oil, cleaning fluids, paint thinners and portable gas tanks.
  • If in doubt ask us or the management of your self storage unit.

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