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Commercial Removals

We are experienced in helping with business removals, corporate relocations and commercial removals across Suffolk and Essex.

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A quality service from a corporate relocation company

To be entirely open with you, you should not expect the cheapest commercial tender from Schofield Removals. It is our policy not to cut corners in our costs by hiring in casual labour of unknown skills and reliability. What we guarantee you get from us is a skilled, loyal, full time workforce, committed to moving your business as smoothly, orderly and efficiently as possible.

Companies find our organised approach significantly reduces the amount of disruption their relocation has had on their business. When these hidden costs of lost trading time are added into the equation it makes sense to call on Schofield’s services for commercial removal.

Preparation and planning are important for a smooth relocation

Preparation and planning is an important part of our operations. Our representative will call on you to make a free no obligation survey of your premises. This allows us to gauge the level of service you need. It could be that an additional specialist company has to be involved: electricians or safe moving people. Our assessment will include:

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Prohibited items

To keep everyone safe, there are a few items that we cannot transport. Please declare any items on the right.

  • Anything flammable, combustible or caustic
  • No petrol, oil, cleaning fluids, paint thinners or portable gas tanks

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