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Furniture Hoist / Elevator Hire

What can seem like an impossible task at first can be made to look easy with our
equipment and knowledge. Whether you are looking for assistance with installation of building materials, a domestic client needing help or a solution with getting awkward and bulky furniture items into your home that may not be possible or practical via traditional means.

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Our Hoists

Our hoists can reduce time and increase safety to people and property. By reaching up to windows and balconies to transport items externally into the location they need
to go or the floor they need to be on. Our hoists come supplied with a fully trained operator and crew.

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Bocker Trailer
Junior Lift

Bocker Trailer Junior lift has the capacity to lift up to 250 kg and can lift to a height of 2 to 18 metres.

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Bocker Compact Portable Ladder Lift

This lift can be carried through a property and assemble in very small areas. It has a load limit of 150kg and can lift to a height of 8m.

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