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Overseas Removals

If you’re planning an international house move, we are happy to help. We are experienced in international removals and can take you from door to door.

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Making your move easy

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Export, wrap, pack and crate

When you move abroad beyond Europe, shipment of your household goods is by container, either express by air or, more usually and less expensively, by sea. If it is a large load it will go FCL (full container load). Otherwise it is LCL (less than container load) – you have shared space in a container.

When our removal assessor comes to visit you he will be able to advise you what the best options are to meet your needs.

Handling every essential detail

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Prohibited items

To keep everyone safe, there are a few items that we cannot transport. Please declare any items on the right.

  • Anything flammable, combustible or caustic
  • No petrol, oil, cleaning fluids, paint thinners or portable gas tanks

Once you are ready to receive your possessions we will arrange for their collection and delivery to your new address, and have them unpacked so you can start your new life with some familiar objects from the UK.