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Removals Storage

Removal & long-term storage at our HQ near Colchester. There are many reasons why you may not want to take all your possessions to your next home. We can store them for any amount of time to suit your needs in our safe and secure facility.
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Storage Solutions

Temporary Moving Storage Solution

We provide temporary moving storage when a house transaction/move doesn’t go to plan. It happens to the best of us and we are here to help you.

Medium term household storage solution

Short and medium term household storage brings flexiblity to many different situations. You could be a person that has sold their property. With your possessions in our store you are free to find exactly the house you want without the usual pressures and compromises that come with being in house buying chains.

In another circumstance, a complete house renovation and redecoration is made possible with our house contents storage facility.

YOU HAVE TWO OPTIONS If you want easy, regular access then our Self Storage option is your first choice. You can add or take out your possessions at your convenience in a secure Self Storage units. Our secure timber containerised Removal Storage is ideal if you do not need regular access.

Long term storage solution

If you are one of those people who is going to live abroad but cannot take your household possessions with you and plan to eventually return and set up a new home in the UK we can help. Think of a house contents problem, then call Schofield Removals and change it into a household storage solution. Having said that we don’t just supply house moving storage. We store all manner of items, singly or collectively, for whatever reason, for any period of time.

Pricing Structure, Liability and Payment

Pricing for storage is a combination of per weekly rate, by volume and by declared value. Due to changes to FSA/insurance regulations (which affect the whole of the Removal and Storage Industry) we supply standard or limited liability as part of our removal and storage contract. This is based on the declared value you place on your possessions. Payment for storage can be by cheque, direct debit or BACS.

Prohibited items for storage

To keep everyone safe, there are a few items that we cannot store. Please declare any items on the right.
  • Perishable items and/or those requiring a controlled environment
  • Goods likely to encourage vermin or other pests or to cause infestation or contamination

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Planning: Free survey, consultation, and quotation offered. Fill out our survey or book home survey for accurate quote.

Preparation and Packing: We've got expert packing services available. Full, DIY, or part packing options. Packing materials can be provided.

Loading, Transport & Unpacking: Schofield professional removal service includes protection for property, furniture, and soft furnishings. Additional services like electrician and tradesmen are available.

Expert Knowledge: Professional removal companies such as Scofield have the experience and expertise to handle special items and navigate challenging situations during the move.

Specialist Equipment: Schofield provides protective bags, covers, and boxes to ensure the safety of your belongings.

Look After Yourself: Professional movers are trained to handle heavy furniture and use proper lifting techniques, reducing the risk of injury.

One Less Stress: Hiring a removal company eliminates the worries of logistics and allows you to focus on other aspects of the move.

Value for Money: Professional removal services often include boxes and protective covers, and the care and experience they provide are valuable. Request a free quotation from Schofield to learn more and make your move easier and stress-free.

Prepare for the move: Consider keeping pets with a friend or designate a dedicated pet room with food, water, and toys.

Stick to routines: Maintain feeding and walking schedules to minimize stress.

Ensure a pet-ready new house: Check the garden for secure fences, gates, and safe plants. Install or lock cat flaps as needed.

Pay attention to cats: Give cats time to adjust by keeping them indoors initially and monitoring their whereabouts.

Be yourself: Provide love and affection to help pets settle into their new home quickly.

Boxes, bubble wrap, paper tissue… We’ve got it covered!

Packing Accessories

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Packing Materials

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Packing Materials

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Packing Materials

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Packing Materials

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