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Waiting Time Waiver

Regrettably, there are often occasions when the keys to your new residence aren’t readily available upon our arrival for delivery. This can be frustrating for both you and our team, causing delays in unloading.

As outlined in our Terms and Conditions of Contract, if access isn’t feasible upon our arrival, we reserve the right to apply additional charges. These charges amount to £40.00 per hour per person, plus VAT.

To mitigate this inconvenience, we offer a ‘Waiting Time Waiver’ covering the initial THREE hours of waiting at your property to commence unloading. The option is listed as an additional service on our quotation.

We strongly advise considering this option unless you are certain of accessing your new home promptly. If access remains unavailable after two hours, we’ll explore alternative solutions with you.

 Cooling-Off Period

As a consumer, you have certain rights to cancel this contract with us if the agreement between us has been finalised in a particular way. If we have agreed the contract for removals away from our own premises (for example, at your house) or over the telephone or be email (without having been to your house first), you have the right to cancel the contract within 14 days.

This is known as a cooling-off period. However, if you want to schedule the removals date within the 14-day period, you would need to forego this cooling-off period. If the above exception is applicable to this removal, we will highlight this to you, and ask you to tick the box on the ‘acceptance of quotation’ form to confirm your request to have the removal carried out within the 14-day period

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Please Note…

The waiver does not cover the event of us being unable to access your property at all on your removal day. In this instance, storage and re-delivery charges would apply.

We reserve the right to charge up to £60+VAT per hour after the three hour waiting time is up.

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